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£ 16.99
These Men's Extra Wide Slippers are ideal for any man. The stylish check design and Velcro® fastening are ideal for a perfect fit. These are suitable for extra wide fitting. FREE Delivery!

£ 20.99
Comfylux, Navy Blue Nylon Checked, SUPERWIDE EEEE Fitting - FREE Delivery!

£ 8.99
Zedzzz, Navy Blue Check Velour, Textile. FREE Delivery!

£ 19.99
Comfylux, Black Nylon, Textile. Hydromax Water Resistant Membrane.FREE Delivery!

£ 17.99
Step and Zip your feet into comfort. These Bootee Slippers are just what you need. Warm, soft and fleecy. FREE Delivery!

£ 19.99
Comfylux, Brown&Navy Check Nylon, Textile. FREE Delivery!

£ 9.99
Shucentre, Grey, Black & Navy Check Velour, Textile.Top Retro Slippers. FREE Delivery!

£ 5.99
Shucentre, Navy, Grey & Black Check Nylon, Textile. FREE Delivery!